Sunday, March 2, 2008

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 can be described as the next generation of the Internet as a social network. Web 1.0 has allowed users to get information by going directly to the source, such as, for Windows issues and for news. (Web 2.0 for Designers, 2008) However, as time changed and the number of users increased, more people started writing their own content in addition to reading information on the web. To keep up with the demands, Web 2.0 was created to provide a new set of tools to combine and remix micro content in new and useful ways.

Web 2.0 allows easy access and display of information such as blogs, pictures, and newsgroup for others to view. Users can share and publish content, communicate with others and select a specific group to communicate through a variety of online applications, such as social-networking sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies. In his article, O’Reilly provides clarification by listing the differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 and includes a map of the Web as a platform, to explain the concept of Web 2.0. Click here to view

Some users may already have experience using some of these Web 2.0 web sites, such as Flickr, and are not aware of it. (What is Web 2.0?, 2008) According to MacManus and Porter from Digital Web Magazine, Flickr’s is one of the most intuitive and beloved interface available. They also mentioned that offers personal and social functionality, and reaches far beyond its own site. Interfaces like these are changing the way we store, access and share information. (Web 2.0 Designers)

The following sources that were helpful to me to clarify Web 2.0 were O’Reilly’s article, What is Web 2.0?, and the YouTube videos at the Web site “Web 2.0 for dummies”

Of all the web tools that were provided for the week 7 assignment that I explored, there were several I enjoyed, such as Flickr, many eyes and YouTube. I decided to use Flickr, which is now one of my favorite ways to use the web to share my photos with others. I captured several moments with my pugs, Ozzie and Chico. Flickr was easy to download and it was simple to learn how to upload my photos, so I could share with others. If you need a good laugh, click here to see what Ozzie and Chico are up to.

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alyssa said...

I also chose Flickr. It was fun to upload pictures, and it was easy enough to do so. There weren't really any complicated instructions. I enjoyed your blog as well as your pictures!

Marcy said...

Maribel, Good blog post and pleased to see your pug photos. Those two look like a handful but good company for one another too.